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At Cowart Tree Experts, Inc., we offer a full line of tree care services. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of professional services at a competitive price. From the smallest trimming job to the largest removal service, our team will respond quickly to your tree service needs.
As fully insured andlicensed commercial and residential tree removal specialists, Cowart Tree Expertsprovides a wide range of services to business owners, homeowners, apartment complexes, homeowner associations, golfcourses, office and industrial complexes, builders and developers.

Pruning will help your trees remain strong and healthy and improve their overall esthetic appearance. Pruning consists of removing dead, diseased, dying undesirable, crossing, rubbing and elevation of limbs. Most tree trimming can be done at any time of the year.

Trees can be fertilized throughout the year to maintain healthy growth and to help prevent disease and fungus, but the optimum time to fertilize is during the growing season.
To promote root growth, we suggest injecting your trees with a root stimulant in the fall months when roots are regenerating for spring. The fertilization and stimulant are injected into the tree root zone not the grass.

Tree removal is recommended only when the tree is dead or dying or when it is hazardous. Our team of professionals will evaluate your tree to determine the best way to safely remove it.

A professional will come out to walk through your property as a service to evaluate any insect or disease problems before they become an issue.

Due to the drought Georgia is currently facing, many trees are not receiving the proper amount of water to live. The best treatment is a root stimulant. This will help improve the tree’s root system which is the key to a healthy tree.

As an added benefit, Cowart offers stump grinding services. A portable grinder or a tow-behind grinder will mulch the stump resulting in a pile of debris and a stump size, 6-12”, deep hole.


  • State-of the-art Equipment
  • Over 20 Years Experience
  • Fully Insured
  • Quality Service
  • Implement Safety First

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Here what our clients are saying about us:   

“I would like to thank you for dispatching the crew out yesterday!  Their work ethic was very professional and efficient.  The first crew came out and completed the job in about 1 hour.  I was not expecting the clean up crew to come out!  We checked out the moisture in the ground and decided to give it a go and it all worked out well.  Needless to say, the entire job was completed in about 1.5 hours!  I appreciate the prompt work and assistance to get everything completed with your hectic work schedule.  Please note that if you ever need any recommendations, I will be happy to give my thoughts.  Thank you again for you and your crew’s hard work.” Scott Willis, Citation Manufacturing, Inc., Gainesville, GA


“Carden Ashcraft is by far the most responsive representative from any tree company I have ever hired.  When I call Carden, I know that I can count on a quick response and a reasonable price.  If the work is delicate and calls for low impact on the surrounding landscape, I know I can count on Cowart to perform the work while doing an excellent job cleaning up after the crew is done.  The bids are more competitive than ever and the pricing that Cowart provides allows me to close more jobs than with any other tree company I’ve used before.  I recommend Cowart Tree Experts on any job!” Allen Duckett, Russell Landscape Group, Inc.


“I would like to say that I have never been so very pleased at the rate at which your crew handled the project with such ease and professionalism.  The expertise was truly amazing and the project was completed as requested if not better.  The work was completed with my property left clean and with no damage to my landscaping at all, which was my main concern.  I wish to congratulate your organization and team for the excellent work you have performed and it is refreshing to realize that even during such trying economic times there are organizations such as yours that are public friendly and providing such courteous customer service, which I received each time I called.” Hasu and Kay Patel, Suwanee, GA